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If he dating someone, it would definitely be someone who knows how to make a joke.

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"You have to have really thick skin and be very strong.Proving that dads will be dads, Stephen Baldwin clutched his chest (probably) as his 19-year-old daughter Hailey basically said the exact opposite of what he thought about the nature of her and Justin Bieber's relationship. Paraphrase: They're not *not* dating, but they're open to seeing other people. Sources say the two were “totally engrossed in conversation” and were both “very smiley” — all while Drake’s three-man entourage sat nearby. Another witness claims Hailey and Drake were getting cozy and affectionate, culminating in them having “hooked up” at his Memorial Day party. The 29-year-old singer and the 19-year-old model have sparked romance rumors after going on a very public dinner date at West Hollywood hotspot Ysabel last night, May 31. that Stephen Baldwin’s kiddo patiently awaited the “Hotline Bling” stud at the L. joint and was happy when he joined her at their private table."Barbie vibezzzzz," Baldwin captioned a photo of her bright ensemble on Instagram.

Sources said Baldwin and Dallas met through mutual friends and found they had "an instant connection." "They are both signed with IMG agency and run in the same friend group," an insider said.

singer's been hanging out with the gorgeous girls because he wants to live a drama free life after years of getting into trouble.

Instead of going to the clubs, the trio will go to to church, restaurants, and concerts.

"Hailey has been friends with Cameron for a while now.

But most recently they've taken their friendship to the next level." "Hailey wants to keep it low-key between them," the source added.

I know a ton of girls that would definitely be happy to make Shawn laugh endlessly with them, especially now that they know he's still single!