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What is the chief characteristic of the tall office building? It must be every inch a proud and soaring thing, rising in sheer exaltation that from bottom to top it is a unit without a single dissenting line.

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This definition was based on the steel skeleton—as opposed to constructions of load-bearing masonry, which passed their practical limit in 1891 with Chicago's Monadnock Building. The force and power of altitude must be in it, the glory and pride of exaltation must be in it.Tall women are at an increased risk of skin cancer according to the latest study by Cancer Research, which found the risk increased by 32 per cent for each 4in rise in height over 5ft 1in.As with breast cancer, hormones related to growth spurts and height may play a part.Note that this criterion fits not only high-rises but some other tall structures, such as towers.The word skyscraper often carries a connotation of pride and achievement.However, being uninhabited, none of these structures actually comply with the modern definition of a skyscraper.

High-rise apartments flourished in classical antiquity. Ancient Roman insulae in imperial cities reached 10 and more stories.

The skylines of many important medieval cities had large numbers of high-rise urban towers, built by the wealthy for defense and status.

The residential Towers of 12th century Bologna numbered between 80 and 100 at a time, the tallest of which is the 97.2 m (319 ft) high Asinelli Tower.

Skyscrapers may contain offices, commercial and residential uses.

For buildings above a height of 300 m (984 ft), the term "supertall" can be used, while skyscrapers reaching beyond 600 m (1,969 ft) are classified as "megatall".

Some early skyscrapers have a steel frame that enables the construction of load-bearing walls taller than of those made of reinforced concrete.