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The NRA report attributes the growth to a strengthening economy but adds that “the gains remain below what would be expected during a normal post-recession period.” That caveat aside, 2015 will represent the industry’s sixth straight year of real sales growth. Restaurants also earn 47 cents of every food dollar spent in the country—compared to 25 cents back in 1955.The NRA report predicts modest sales growth of 4.3% for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants.

What accounts for this downturn in business for independent operators?He’s a she, she’s relatively young, and she’s health-conscious.She loves her mobile phone (possibly more than sex and pizza combined) and uses it for everything from texting and watching videos to ordering pizza and posting pictures of that pizza online.Unfortunately, as we’ll learn, it doesn’t always keep growing.Hispanics, whose population is predicted to grow by nearly 27% between 20, are more likely to choose pizza when they go out for fast food than the general market.In a 2015 survey by gluten-free crust purveyor Smart Flour Foods and the Center for Generational Kinetics, more than 6 million adults said they would give up sex for a year before they’d stop eating pizza. The Smart Flour Foods study, titled , was packed with intriguing revelations.

It found that 35% of Americans go out for pizza and buy grocery-store pizza at least once per month, but these people—termed “pizza lovers” in the study—defy old stereotypes.

More than half (53%) are ages 25 to 44, while only 8% are 65 or older.

In other words, the typical hardcore pizza fan may not be who you think “he” is.

Their sales dropped by 5.01% to a total of $14,967,292,162, while chain operators (10 or more units) logged an increase of 3.38% to $23,536,871,954.

Independents’ average sales dropped by 3.21% to $384,524 per store, while the chains saw an increase in average sales of 3.82% to $655,846.

The chains also added more units, with a 7.33% increase to a total of 35,888 stores, even as more independent stores closed their doors, dropping to 38,924, a decrease of 1.85% from the previous year.