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And while Fisher’s claims were the focus of the case, the story behind how she ended up in front of the Supreme Court is a lot more complicated. Yes pendulum is the way to correct one wrong by another wrong but only for short time to find best-at-the-moment non-perfect way out collectively and fix it later.

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Texas- A Lambda Legal documentary on the story of Lawrence v. The show was ended with a statement that inaccurate.A true perpetuation and glorification of white privilege and supremacy.This podcast should have been titled, "Privileged White man dismantles accountability in an ignorant campaign that irrationally ignores hundreds of years of history glorified."While these are interesting, please get back to doing science-based stories. Since I couldn't find anywhere on the WNYC site to post a comment about the subsequent More Perfect episode, "Object Anyway", I decided to do so here: It seems to me that the whole situation would be fixed if prosecutors weren't always so sleezy and adversarial in cases.If so then neglecting to mention the part played by the Comite seems rather misleading.Or did your show discover a conspiracy to cover up the role of the railroad company (presumably not a minority owned business) as the lead provocateur in one of the nations first civil rights cases albeit for a selfish cause? You have 2 guys (who happen to be gay) who are in their lawyer's words a couple degenerates who do nothing but cause trouble.Prosecutors, on the other hand, should be held to a higher moral standard.

The prosecutor should be the white hat, bound to prioritizing fairness over winning.

It is not the job of allies to speak for minorities and it is clear the producers of this show do not know how to effective be allies.

I actually am very offended and can't continue listening to a show that lacks historians and centralizes a uneducated voices. The only black people to speak were "angry" critics at the beginning of the segment.

Of course, that also means that DA offices would need to eliminate conviction rates as a measure of career advancement. I don't understand why so many lawyers find this idea absurdly utopian.

It really wouldn't be that hard, you would just need to really change the behavior from the top down.

Because the way things are now, I personally hear "prosecutor" and think "ambulance chaser" as far as stereotyping.