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It can be even a police/army vehicle (they are in every corner of Iran): they will pick you up and even stop a car for you and convince a driver to take you further.In Farsi language (official language in Iran spoken as a first or second language by most citizens) the word "hitchhiking" doesn't exist.

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Not all military installations and no go zones are marked on maps, so make sure you get advice from a local before you head out or stay on the road. These rules might seem conservative, especially as locals violate them all the time.When hitchhiking in the north of the country, it might occur that people stop just to ask if you need assistance unrelated to transportation.In fact, you don't stand longer than 10 minutes without some car stopping for you.(and nobody expect you to really pray.) I found just "majani" / "majane" simple enough and efficient. While you could ignore this, it can cause offense, as it is an integral part of Iranian culture, whether you like it or not. Iran has borders to Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.It's farsi and means that something is for free or without payment. " but people would if at all answer only after I ask the fourth or fifth time. By sea to United Arab Emirates and Oman (and maybe others of the gulf states). Even in the hottest desert on earth (you feel dying after 10 minutes) the first car stopped. Some days I my average hitch-hiking speed topped 100 km/h!The Farsi majani savar shodan seems to be the closest (means driving for free) and it is the literal translation of the dictionary though doesn't seem very widely understood also because "savar shodan" means take a lift and most often refer to shared taxis (savari) so that it may sound as "taking a shared taxi for free" (fact that can actually happen kind of often though is not very fair and respectful for the other passengers who however most probably will smile and welcome you). (this word has originally a religious background from the war time between Iran and Iraq. Tarof is an Iranian custom of saying a white lie, which is understood by both parties. For example, at the end of a taxi ride, the driver will say it's free, because tradition dictates you should be extremely hospitable to guests. When the answer is no, you can probably expect the offer to be genuine.

A very easy way to hitch a lift and make cheater run away is clarify since the beginning that you are not going to pay anything asking before entering the car "bee doona pool? ) asking for confirm several times in case the driver doesn't seem nice "mutmaeen? some people would do some favours for soldiers and asking them for salavaat which is kind of good pray instead of money.) as soon as you say this word, everyone understand what exactly you mean. If you reply with "na" (no), he will quote the real price. Maybe the answer is another instance of tarof, but you can probably stop playing the game at this point.

On the other hand, as a foreigner, you run the risk of being made an example of, so you need to make your own judgement calls rather than follow what people around you do.

In any case, foreigners are rarely troubled, and are easily forgiven transgression of "islamic" laws on ground of ignorance.

NOTE: In 2017 I hitched with the thumb, because several iranian hitchers told me to do so, they were doing the same.

Also I noticed many times that locals gave me the thumb as a positive gesture, for example when taking selfies.

An offline farsi dictionary and Arabic Alpha app (free for i Phone and Android) helped me get by and sped up aquiring some basic farsi. There are three main border crossings with Turkey, including Esendere and Bazargan. At least one with Azerbaijan and one with Pakistan at Taftan/ Mirjaveh, Bandar Abbas and Bandar Lengeh are sea ports if coming by ferry from United Arab Emirates. Some entered Iran at the Yuksekova-Esendere border. It's amazing if you know that a hundred meters back on the Turkish side most people would understand 'autostop'. Iran has almost the worst death toll due to traffic in the world.