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She hunted, and fished, and had just started playing around with a guitar.

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Sellers' mom said the hours leading up to Sydney's death were wonderful, and extraordinarily ordinary - church, lunch, a trip to the doctor because Sellers had a brutal headache, and then an afternoon of laughing, joking and watching TV. "That day was so wonderful." Later that afternoon, Ronnie Sellers, Sydney's father and Sellers' husband, went to take a nap.I couldn't get her up high enough to undo the belt,'' she said."I started screaming for my husband, who was asleep. We got the belt undone and we laid her on the floor.Sydney was, her mom said with admiration, a free spirt and non-conformist, much like Sellers herself had been all through high school and college. Things had been happening in her young life that her parents knew nothing about, and learned only after they found her hanging from a belt that was looped around her loft bed. I knew the part of her that she wanted me to know," said Sellers, a children's rights attorney."But as a parent, it never occurred to me there might be more."She headed to the kitchen, and I was like, 'What are you doing?

' She said she wanted some pizza rolls and I was like 'No, no, I'm fixing your favorite supper,' so she bounced back into her room." "I said, 'I love you baby.

The family's priest was out of town, so it took several calls and quite a while before a priest from a neighboring town got to the home.

"My husband and I, we were in complete shock,'' Sellers said. Our ears were ringing, and we couldn't see real well, and we couldn't talk.

"From what I've been told by several of the kids, it's a lot more prevalent than parents and educators think." Within days, Sellers said, she got a flood of Facebook friend requests from Sydney's classmates.

"I'd say the majority of the ninth grade class friended me within 48 hours of her death.

She was beautiful, with long chestnut hair and porcelain skin.