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Dating my smith and wesson gun

dating my smith and wesson gun-57

The two-day trial at the Old Bailey was notable for its lack of forensic and ballistics evidence.Christmas Humphreys, counsel for the prosecution set out to prove that Ruth Ellis killed Blakely.

It isn’t exactly a match trigger, but again it is functional and does what it is supposed to do. I can’t think of a single reason it isn’t offered with a standard rail.Yet the Public Record Office in Kew and the City of London Record Office still keep certain files closed on the matter until 2031. ( July 1955 the two warders who guarded Ruth in the condemned cell at Holloway prison said goodbye to her.She removed her purple diamante spectacles, put them on the table and told a warder, “I won’t need those any more.” Meanwhile at her flat in St Paul’s Cray, Ruth’s elder sister Muriel Jakubait walked into the sitting room, switched on the wireless and heard the nine o’clock pips of Big Ben with the announcement that Ruth Ellis, aged 28 had been hanged.Sometimes as shooters we forget that not everyone is willing to eat ramen for months to afford that fancy new pistol that we have our eyes on.The Hi-Point JHP .45 carries an MSRP of $219 as tested, you can learn more about it on Hi-Point’s website.Making fun of Hi-Points and their owners have become a bit of a pastime in the firearms community thanks to the poor reputation that the pistols have gained for an unknown reason.

I had an opportunity to find out for myself if the Hi-Point pistol really does suck or we are elitest jerks when we make fun of those who own Hi-Points.

Like the sights, I can see the safety being easier to use with some practice. I didn’t find them to be uncomfortable and well within what I would call serviceable.

Functional and serviceable is a consistent theme with the JHP .45, even the injection molded trigger falls into the same category.

Sadly, today was not my day for shooting well and I shot a rather poor group through no fault of the pistol.

Even with my poor shooting, I was able to produce some groups that were nothing short of passable.

I am all for making a pistol holster friendly, but when it comes at the expense of the ability to get the pistol into action quickly it might be prudent to offer a more pronounced lever.