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Well, that’s a fine question, i on the other hand had enough emotional baggage at the time that I can honestly say my head was up my ass!Long story short, I continued to date him for a few more weeks when one weekend he went out of town. not sure what inspired you to write such a hateful message.

You are an amazing person who is thoughtful, intelligent, hilarious, beautiful, and resilient.This was sorta a red flag because he had NO friends, everyone of my friends thought I was nuts for dating this douche bag and well, when he told me he got a side job 600 miles away for the weekend I should have guessed it paid pretty damn good! If I was the person I used to be – I would author a no-holds-barred response. I take no offense to you in this moment; the purge of negativity I’ve just witnessed is between you and you only.Let me cut to the chase, this total self centered, narcissistic, lying little prick went to go get himself a little piece of ass and then came back and told me all about it! It’s no wonder he would find himself after a long bout of unemployment, talking some us-suspecting employer desperate to make a buck into letting him name himself THE RELATIONSHIP FLUNKIE! However, I read something quite profound recently which affected the very core of me. When you speak to me with such emotional poison, you are only hurting yourself.I wish no ill feelings towards you what so ever, but from an outsiders point of view, from someone who was on the recieveing end of your selffishness I can say this. Start by being honest with your audience, calling yourself a flunkie but failing to say why pretty much discredits you. You have felt, acted, and expressed the truth as you know it. What inspired me to write to you was your absolute arrogance in which you write. I have read your blogs and I find it incredibly decietful to talk as if you understand human emotion with such clarity & wisdom. What I give a sh*t about is the human condition – the feelings we have, the actions inspired by them, and the honesty with which we convey those feelings to the world.

The fact is, you have treated people like shit, walked all over them, lied to them and then acted as if you had no responsibility for your own actions. I sincerely hope that you are a changed person, for yourself and all who come in contact with you. For your role in this, (insert name here) – I thank you.

If his friends and other guys in the room think you’re a dream catch, he’ll fall more in love and stay more in love with you, and avoid straying away from you.

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His story was that he left a mailing address for the bank and that they just simply never got in touch with him.

Phew, lucky him….never had to pay a dime, must have GOOD KARMA!

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