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Ajith's mother Kumari Manel shares her daughter-in-law's relief at Ari's arrival.

Once the child is born, he or she is given his own column in a new register - the Birth and Immunisation Register.Ari offers anyone who needs it advice on family planning, distributes contraception for free and even sits down with couples for informal counselling.Women who want to conceive are advised on how to space out pregnancies, prescribed certain supplements and vaccinated against rubella and tetanus.Chatting all the while, they find a way to ease her discomfort, feed the child, and teach the first-time parents how to prevent the problem from recurring.The baby calms and stretches in his grandmother's lap as he hungrily empties the cup of milk that the midwife spoons into his mouth.Having plied his blue hacksaw blade enthusiastically, Ajith is taught how to manipulate the plunger so that finally he has in his hands a crude yet effective breast pump.

The midwives' affordable, DIY solution is perfect for this corner of Colombo - a set of apartment blocks occupied by working-class families on low incomes.

When a woman becomes pregnant she is entered into a second register where her progress is tracked carefully.

Registered women are offered an exhaustive package of services and are carefully monitored.

According to their official schedule Ari and Kumudini are on track - midwives are expected to pay four postpartum visits; two in the first 10 days, and another two within the first two months.

In 2013, according to data collected by Sri Lanka's Family Health Bureau, 92.2 percent of new mothers who were identified and registered were visited at least once by a midwife in that critical postpartum period.

Nowhere is this better reflected than in the maternal mortality ratio or MMR.