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He nibbles along the shell of my ear down to my earlobe with its supercharged nerve endings, and another moment of his lips and his hot breath are all it takes to break me. He slips his hand into my panties, and starts rubbing my clit teasingly. I reach my leg back over his hip and arch into his hand, demanding a firmer touch."So greedy," he laughs, pressing only a little harder.

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I imagine his seed spurting from his cock, and my womb tightens in response. What feels like an eternity later - but in reality is 28 minutes - I hear the quiet sound of my door opening and closing. He climbs into bed and presses up against my back, dropping a kiss on my neck and encircling my stiff body with his arm. She took a while to fall asleep," he murmurs against my ear.Private shots, explicit photos and videos, nude in public, porn and hardcore content.My stories tend toward the nonconsent/taboo side, but I want to be clear that I'm in no way suggesting that the acts in my stories are okay. As much as I hate the sounds of him fucking her, I can't help but imagine it, his broad shoulders rippling as he clenches her hips, his thick cock driving in and out... There is almost never a night where they don't fuck and I don't lie here, torn between bitterness and arousal.I reach back and grab his hair, turning my face to press my lips to his. I know what he wants to hear: "Fuck your baby girl..." He kisses me again, long and deep, and his fingers slide into my cunt. "No patience at all." He rolls me onto my back and kneels between my legs, still lazily sliding his fingers in and out of me.Our tongues find each other immediately, stroking against one another as I pant into his mouth. My nightly purgatory also acts as a kind of foreplay, plumping the lips of my pussy and moistening my slit as I listen to the woman I hate get fucked by the man I love. He leans back down and captures my nipple between his teeth, flicking his tongue over the tip.My body wants to be filled by him, the only man it's ever known. " he asks, tugging the strap of my tank down my arm until my breast is bared.

"Tonight I'll cum inside you, and we'll make you pregnant. I would love nothing more than to have this man's child inside me.

"I was gonna take my time, but you make me so fuckin crazy! I love that I make him forget himself, and I love the feel of his cock stretching me wide with each thrust. His is the only cock I've ever had, the only one I ever want.

With each thrust of his hips, I ride higher, lost in the waves of sensation that only he can make me feel.

The image is too much, and my hand shoots down between my legs to rub my clit.

But he snatches my hand away and pulls it behind my back, tsking at me. All you have to do is ask." I try to put up at least a token resistance, to act like he doesn't have all the power in our relationship, but he nips at my ear again, and I feel myself weakening.

"Imagine these filled with milk." He presses kisses all around the curve of one breast. You could ride my cock while I sucked these sensitive little nipples." He moves down to my tummy, trailing kisses as he moves downward. "And your belly, all round with my baby inside you.