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Dwp backdating rules

From 1 April 2016 the law is changing so that the maximum time a housing benefit claim for a person of working age can be backdated will be one month (instead of 6 months).

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You cannot usually get Housing Benefit if you live in a close relative’s household and you cannot get Housing Benefit if you own your home or to help with mortgage payments.Housing Benefit helps you pay your rent if you are on a low income.The amount of housing benefit due to you is worked out by looking at: Housing Benefit is affected if somebody is a Student or self-employed or a person from abroad.Please call us and a member of staff will explain everything you need to provide with your claim form. So although its not the best thing to do if you want to write beautifully, I’m just going to bullet point the whole post to try and keep it clear. For anyone who wants an idea of what benefits they can claim or how much they might be entitled to across the whole range of state benefits there are some very good online calculation tools. You can also use the Housing Benefit/Council Tax reduction calculator which is set into Sandwell’s own online benefit form.This is not based on your needs, but on the income of certain adults in your household.

The rebate should pay the Council Tax payer for the loss of a discount due to a “second adult” being added to the home.

For further information please see the section on Pension Credits (link to pension credit info on Benefits advice).

If you and your partner are under 60, we do not count the first £6,000 of your savings and investments, and for every £250 over this level we will add £1 to your income.

The purpose of the scheme is to make sure that people have enough money to afford to pay the rent of suitable housing.

If you are on a low income and you rent your home then you may be able to get Housing Benefit.

If you intend to claim housing benefit you should always claim as soon as possible.​From November 2016 the Government is changing the benefit cap. You can find out if you might be affected by the new benefit cap by using the benefit cap calculator.