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Salazar saw her on his computer screen, via a webcam.

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Operation Endeavor was led by the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom, and joined by the Australian Federal Police, the U. The inquiry found 138 individuals from around the world were making payments to a group in the Philippines set up as middlemen for those seeking children. Those cases represent just a small fraction of the number of perpetrators who lurk online, according to law enforcement officials.The United Nations and FBI estimate that 750,000 child predators are online at any given time.Numbers on those engaged in live-streaming child sex acts are difficult to gauge, but law enforcement officials portray the predator population as vast – and proliferating far faster than they can catch perpetrators.For the most part, according to Lay, mothers and fathers were involved in the abuse and took the money.Glen Mc Ewen, manager of Cyber Crime Operations for the Australian Federal Police, put it bluntly: “We are dealing with people who are capitalizing on poverty.” “You never know who has an appetite in this type of activity,” he said.After his 2014 online encounter with the Filipino girl and other incidents, Salazar would become one of at least several dozen people globally who have faced criminal charges for predatory live-camera child sex.

But far more get away with this crime, according to prosecutors, police and activists on four continents.

The girl obeyed: She took off her clothes and posed as he demanded.

That scenario emerged in the case against Salazar, who later copped a plea to child pornography charges.

Children would queue up three particular times a day, Lay said.

That was because they were being victimized primarily by pedophiles in three different time zones spanning the globe.

He walked into a Sprint shop and asked technicians to move the files on his phone to a new mobile device.