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Dougie mcfly dating 2016

She was asked to perform at Harry's 30th birthday in September and before singing at the Royal Wedding in 2011 said of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: 'I’m friends with them, so it’s not like it’s awkward because I don’t know them. ITV consistently does a flawless job of recruiting the most entertaining celebs in the business, guaranteed to deliver drama, laughs and suspense.

The pair then went on to become the country's king and queen of reality TV – and we loved every minute of it. "You are so full of shit that if you ever took an enema you would disappear off the face of the earth without trace," and, "You arch-hypocrite, a chippy oik with the brains of a pea and the mouth of diarrhoea," are just some of the insults she dished out to her fellow campers. The entire cast threatened to walk out and bring the series to an abrupt end – unless a producer agreed to let Antony speak to his agent. We had to include her on our list because she was just so freaking lovely. Nobody expected much when she went into the jungle, but she walked out with a crown, a lucrative sponsorship deal with Iceland and a very proud hubby in the form of Brian Mc Fadden.And who could forget that epic moment she threw a rock in Dom Joly's face? Paul Burrell, 2004Paul makes this end of the list purely because of his facial expressions during Bushtucker Trials. Can you imagine the drama that must have gone down at Kensington Palace if Princess Diana ever asked him to get rid of a spider? Unfortunately, Kerry's ride on cloud nine didn't last as long as everyone thought it would after the series finished. Helen Flanagan, 2012 star actually believed she'd be left to her own devices; to strut around in a bikini all day and make a few famous friends.He went from Essex playboy to reality TV sweetheart in just a few weeks.In fact, we loved him so much he finished up in second place, losing out only to BFF Dougie. The public ended up developing a serious soft spot for the socialite, which helped cement her TV career. As the oldest celebrity that year, he was an underdog, and nobody expected him to nail the Bushtucker Trials the way that he did.She teamed a rather romantic little pink dress by Bora Aksu with a pair of fuchsia Paul Andrew pumps.

It's a gorgeously girly look that has got us thinking about what we're going to wear next time we've got a day at the races or even a wedding to go to...

Click the link (right) to see the full AW16 collection, from which Ellie's dress hails.

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We might not have bought the CD at the time, but we still remember the tune. Everyone got along, there was no conflict, no drama and every Bushtucker Trial was passed with ease.

The only camper that made the show remotely entertaining was eccentric Martin, which is why he makes our list.

This dress by Love Triangle at Lipsy is top of our shopping list!