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I recommend that you use it; just remember to turn it off to avoid confusion later.

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(I've heard these cells referred to as ghost cells.) It might be great for the original user, but it's difficult for someone else to edit or maintain the sheet.For instance, Figure A shows the same sheet with the values rounded and not rounded.There's nothing wrong with Excel, it's doing what it's supposed to.When you apply the percentage format to existing values, Excel multiples that value by 100 and displays the result with the percentage sign. When you format an empty cell (before data entry), Excel converts values equal to or greater than 1 to percentages but multiples numbers smaller than 1 (and not preceded with a 0) by 100. Formatting before or after data entry works when the user understands the rules and expectations, but unfortunately, most don't.Training is the key, but forcing the format during data entry is one way to ensure that the user gets the expected value.Having said that, there's good reason for their lackadaisical publishing schedule: no only does Ok Cupid crunch the data from their members and analyze it intricately and usefully, they also create fun and oftentimes eye-opening graphs giving their readers a better idea as to what they're trying to get across.

I just wish it didn't take Although focused more on the business of dating rather than relationships in and of themselves, Mark Brooks offers brief updates about dating news from around the world that applies to both singles and the marketers looking to attract them.

Excel evaluates the stored values, not the displayed values, in mathematical operations.

The rounding functions offer an awkward solution, but the best solution is to avoid rounding, unless there's a specific reason for doing so.

Formats provide visual clues that support a sheet's assumptions.

For instance, if the sheet treats a value as a percent, you might want to display that value as a percentage.

Excel doesn't require formats, but they help users interpret what they see.