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Game rapper dating

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Yea, I do have time [Laughs] Right now I am just keeping my options open to see what’s going to develop.

@losangelesconfidential gets at my follower @quietstormv for commenting about the women he chooses to date: "you don't know me, & you don't know her to assume anything about either of us.Our source is a close friend to The Game and we have the INSIDE SCOOP. She was his #WCW in the past, he recently bought Chanel items for his #WCW Crush (he stated this) and she showed off her new Chanel shoes on Instagram.She’s been seen at EVERY ONE OF HIS Drew League basketball games and has even invited her sisters as well.Tiffany Cambridge had a sit down with Mara The Socialite of 4UMF where she addressed all the speculations of an affair going on between her man and Khloe. Jayceon and Khloe have been friends for a long time." She added, "She actually, back in the day, years ago, used to date one of his close friends. So to tell you the truth, no, it doesn't bother me or affect me either way." In the recent photos taking of Khloe Kardashian she was still wearing her wedding ring and Cambridge admits that yes she is going through a lot in her personal life with Lamar, "I think that she's going through a lot right now in her situation with her husband, and at the same time, Jayceon is there to support her and encourage her as a friend. The Game and Tiffany Cambridge are still engaged and hoping to take that walk down the aisle. The Game has a penchant for young attractive women, but flipped out after an Instagram follower asked why the rapper can't find models his own age.She attended his fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, she’s been posting his songs on her Instagram page, and our roommates (readers) caught India and her sister Crystal at his 4th of July pool party.

The roommate claims that Jayceon and India were flirting and overheard India say that she would be staying behind to hang out with Jayceon privately when the party died down.

I spent a lot of time and the time has really left for me to work on our relationship. They don’t line up with what he’s doing and where he is.

Do you have time with your busy schedule to date right now?

I am also still working full time [as a teacher], so my plate is really, really full with the kids and their activities and what I have going on. He is right now playing football and when football is over he’ll be playing basketball. He does a little rapping, production, beats and stuff like that. Right now, he is just preparing for basketball season and going to school. He has a lot of challenging work and is trying to keep up with his studies and get ready for junior high, but the kids are always together. I have a master’s degree in education, that’s who I am.

Cali’s pursuing her Hollywood dreams, what’s Justice up to? Justice is a boy, but Miss Cali she really likes to be in front of the camera. How has your life as a teacher changed since you’ve been on television? A lot of people would say, she was in a relationship with a rapper for years, why is she still teaching? I think to be educating the youth [is] very important.

We took a peek at the Donyelle’s Twitter page and we can’t blame The Game for dating a girl 20 years younger than him.