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Dating royal com

Ensconced in her fourth-floor suite, the Queen, I am told, insisted she did not want to trouble anyone. Mike Channon, the former England soccer star turned trainer, was unable to reach the parade ring in time after one of his horses was a winner, because the Queen was using the public lift.

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Since retiring as chief of the general staff, General Sir Mike Jackson has embarked on a make-over so impressive even his pop singer namesake could take some tips.More bad news for Prince Andrew's jailbird pal Jeffrey Epstein. The latest alleged victim filed a lawsuit against Epstein, a guest at Windsor Castle and Sandringham.She claims she was led up a staircase at the billionaire financier's Palm Beach home lined with nude photographs of young girls, to a spa room where he appeared wrapped in a small towel.Let's hope she devotes some pages to exploring the irresistible appeal of safari park owner Alexander Bath, better known as the loins of Longleat.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement, and even though we've all had to put our own ambitions about marrying Prince Harry to bed, the silver lining is that we'll be getting one badass, philanthropic American princess — and that has a lot of people psyched for various reasons.That debut was such a sell-out he was signed up to appear at another London nightspot, and later this year will sing for his supper in New York's Cafe Carlyle.

But such is his unbridled enthusiasm-that Standing - aka baronet Sir John Leon - gamely stood in as understudy when cabaret star KT Sullivan was unable to appear at Pizza On The Park in Knightsbridge this week.

There were more than a few romantic partners, some no more than a brief flirtation yet all noted by the British tabloids, who avidly follow 33-year-old Harry's every move.

The list, conveniently compiled by Popsugar, includes model Lauren Pope, singer Natalie Imbruglia, TV personality Caroline Flack, singer Camilla Romestrand, model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, singer Mollie King, Camilla Thurlow and singer Ellie Goulding. Keep up with this story and more Harry had two longer relationships before Markle, including his off-and-on romance with Chelsy Davy.

After splitting from her first husband, trainer Micky Hammond, after an affair with champion jockey Tony Mc Coy, Alex, 34, went on to date trainer Richard Hannon Jnr.

Alas, I can disclose that she has now parted from her second husband, jockey Richard Quinn, just 19 months after the couple tied the knot.

First, his trademark bags under the eyes were removed, then the old soldier transformed his brown teeth, stained by years of cigar-smoking and whisky-drinking, into a row of pearly whites.