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So when we entered the room, we were asked to answer a specific question and introduce ourselves. Our answers could be heard and it was obvious that those who do not know how to answer and what to answer to the question given to us could get some ideas from those who volunteered to give their answers first.

HOW CAN YOU ASSESS HER TEACHING SKILLS IN TWO MINUTES OF SPEAKING IN FRONT OF THESE APPLICANTS? My only concern is that I am teaching Filipino when in fact, I studied Math as my major. I know in myself that I’d be a better teacher if I will be given a chance to teach the subject that I mastered. Of course, our students are smarter these days and they know whether their teacher has mastered what he/she is teaching. As a teacher who is able to improve more in teaching his specialization? Sumbungera Mula sa gula-gulanit na dingding tuwing matatapos ang bagyo, pangit at magaspang na sahig, walang kulay na silid, sira-sirang upuan na gegewang-gewang.Especially if he/she is a teacher since it makes them lose their confidence. It is very obvious that this institution is not organized and it prevents the mobility of teachers nationwide. Some of my friends who are not teachers even tell me that I am such a fool to spend my money for the school because the school should provide the money to beautify itself.I believe that any official working to serve the teachers and students should be after boosting their confidence. What saddens me the most is that we don’t have an assurance and it leaves us thinking whether we’ll get hired or not. They do not understand that the school fund which is supposed to be used for school’s benefit is not being used at all. We don’t want to spend too much of our salary to pay for what the school can’t.Matik na talaga na sakin binibigay ng mga friends ko ang mga books for evaluation tuwing matatapos sila sap ag evaluate ng mga ito. Kaya umaasa ako sa bigay and thanks to the generosity of these private school institutions kasi minsan nag dodonate pa sila ng used books ng mag students nila. Madam, I am one of those who are getting tired of the system. I have more than 40 students in the classroom at hati hati pa sila sa textbook. Of course we do not want to provide photocopies of the reading text all the time. Gustuhin man naming na makapagturo ng maayos, malayo itong mangyari sapagkat kulang na kulang an gaming Ms.I believe that my fellow teachers will understand why. Bullied I only have one question, madam: Who will protect teachers from student bullies?A graduate of Education, I knew that being a public school teacher was the most possible way to do all these things so I decided to apply. I spent time and money collecting them (my PDS, NSO, NBI clearance, Barangay clearance, Police clearance, Cedula, Photocopies of every certificate I had, and etc.). on the day of the demo and interview, I was amazed of how they treated us, hundreds of applicants from different municipalities of the province.

We waited for a long time (some literally did for three days) for the interview and demo teaching only to find out that our teaching skills will not be assessed very well.

Sadly, teachers still get the blame for their misbehaving students and that they are being shut up and told not to complain and are being told that it’s their fault why their students behaved so. Hindi lamang TURO o Delivery ang kaakibat ng pagtuturo!

I am a victim of student’s bullying both personal and on social media and sadly, the student was just able to easily run away from it. kasabay nito ung kalusugan mo hindi lang pang pisikal pati mental at emosyonal!

That is why, we decided to compile all the comments we read on social media and all the sharing of our friends working in the public schools who experienced unpleasant things related to their Ms. Addition na lang po yung mga unpleasant sentiments that I have been hearing from the teachers who are part of your department. The hiring process is totally flawed in most divisions, I should say.

Here is why: Unfortunately, the voices of the aspiring public school teachers are not often heard. I remember myself some years ago: I wanted to pursue my MA and pay for the medical maintenance of my mom while supporting my younger brother for his college studies.

Hindi katulad ng sa iba, hindi po naming kayo sisisihin sa sa bulok na sistema na meron tayo ngayon sa kagawarang ating patuloy na minamahal dahil alam po naming hindi naman po kayo ang tanging dahilan kung bakit naghihirap ang mga taong nasasakupan ng Dep Ed lalo na ang mga guro.