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Web cam site no membership

Needless to say these idiots trashed the freshly groomed trail all the way back to where they passed the groomer.

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If I am using the computer for real work and/or booted to a secondary OS, the picture may not update.The low lifes who tear up trails like this just disrespect all of us who volunteer. Travel Advisory issued by Sheriff's department this morning. Check with Turin Ridge Riders before attempting to ride between the valley and the hill. Monday December 11: It may look like there is a lot of snow but it is all fluff and there is zero base. It was slow going on Van Arnum Road because although there were several inches of snow my skis were still clanging on stones most of the time. Thursday December 7: Yes there is snow in the valley but not much. Monday November 20, 2017: It's getting close to the start of the snowmobiling season. This year it's been colder the last few days but not consistently below freezing. Burma Shave signs were small red signs with white letters.I got as far as the Blueberry trail intersection and turned around because the snow was not getting any deeper. Saturday December 9: No additional snow in the valley. The ground underneath is not frozen at all and the temperature is 32° at 10 AM. We've just had the first real lake effect snow, but it fell on top of rain. I may or may not be able to give you more information. Five signs, about 100 feet apart, each containing 1 line of a 4 line couplet.....the obligatory 5th sign advertising Burma Shave, a popular shaving cream. Friday February 2: Temperature up and down all week. Temperatures moderated from the extreme cold of the weekend but remained below freezing with highs in the low 20s. Still very high water levels on streams and rivers, and lots of standing water. Even though the forecast is for very cold temperatures it may take a few days before some trails are passable even for inspection. It was raining, roads were clear, and the temperature was 37°at 2 PM when I went to the Town Hall Theater in Lowville to see Star Wars.Some rain and melting, then cold with a bit of snow. Tuesday January 23: Above freezing last couple of days. I have not been out riding so I can't give you a detailed trail report. Even though it has been very cold, there is no way that flooded trails are frozen and safe. Black River was higher than I've ever seen it including during spring runoff.. Friday January 12: Heavy rain and temperature above 45° Thursday night had devastated the snowpack by Friday morning,. But when I exited the theater some time after 4PM it was a different world.(2) This is a webcam on the cheap so don't expect a high quality image. Are you politically active in support of snowmobiling? Have you contacted your state legislators, DEC and APA officials, etc.?

Opponents of snowmobiling in New York are very well organized and vocal.

If there is snow here, it is a good bet that there is snow on Tug Hill and in Brantingham.

Camera is an old Logitech Quick Cam Express connected to my shop "troubleshooting" computer.

I made a loop down the railroad bed to Burdick's Crossing, up Middle Road to Brantingham, Down Van Arnum and up the Otter Creek Truck Trail, rode around Confusion Flats a bit, and back to Glenfield.

In Confusion Flats there is about 3 inches of new snow.

To counter their efforts, individual snowmobilers must also be politically active all year round.