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Dating a divorced man catholic

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It seems that many priests are experts when it comes to manipulating women or to please their inner desires.They preach to others what to do and what NOT to do, yet in their private personal lives they come up with any justification in order to excuse themselves for breaking the law.

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The spirit of the gospel is not playing and going around with rules about not having a sexual relationship but much more.A deep relationship with just one person was always looked upon as highly contrary to the spirit of celibacy.The celibate priest is there as a sign of the things to come in the next world.We expect the celibate person to be full of the Lord’s word and thinking.He listens to all people and the way he answers shows an intimate union with his God ONLY.They tell others not to receive the Eucharistic sacrament when committing ‘grave’ sins.

Yet they don’t find any problem of celebrating mass after a night of love making with a parishioner!

Obviously we are aware of our sexual needs too but these are to be practised in a relationship which is not afraid of consequences and responsibilities. Parishioners could easily deduct if such a relationship is detrimental or benevolent in the life of their pastor. The priest could never hide from his own congregation.

They could see if the priest is just a good preacher or a truly a faith living person.

In the gospel of Matthew chapter 5: This is just normal teaching for ordinary Catholics.

Priests are expected to perform well above the bar expected for normal parishioners.

One of our readers has expertly explained the meaning of celibacy. It’s about intimacy — emotional and spiritual intimacy being equal to the physical. There has been so much emphasis on the sexual abuse scandals (and there should be – where innocent children are involved! (Especially when they are supposed to deny it.) But if they had had experience with the journey of loving someone, they would know that intimacy is many things, the physical being only one of them and sometimes not even being the most important.