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Problem validating windows xp

problem validating windows xp-89

Because Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP.

wiki How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.Now solution is very simple, just remove WGA from your computer, you will not get error message. You can see manually for WGA files or Click Search for files or folders option in left side shows that in below screenshot. Then only your computer will be free from virus and your details will be safe.Follow below simple steps to remove WGA component from your computer. It is best to buy Genuine Windows OS from Microsoft Store. If you like it, do me favor by sharing it with your friends.It is worth mentioning if you’ve re-installed XP lately and downloaded WGA in a recent update then a simple System Restore and delete them, just in case.Restart your PC to see if the changes have taken effect, if the WGA notifications are still there then you’ll want to continue reading this next bit, otherwise you’re done.There’s nothing wrong with still using XP, a number of staff here at Make Use Of have yet to budge in fact.

If you’ve got an old PC that doesn’t need the bells, whistles and expensive licence that comes with Windows 7 then XP is still a viable alternative.

“, “this copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation”, “ask for genuine Microsoft software”, You will see these errors when you don’t have genuine Windows XP. This solution is for using not genuine Windows XP without any issues.

Not only this error message, your screen may get blank. If you want to Fix Windows 7 not genuine error, read my earlier article about How to Fix This copy of Windows is not genuine error in Windows 7. Before going to tell you about solution, I strongly recommend you to buy latest version of Windows.

Because if you get any problem in future Microsoft will help you.

If you buy Windows DVD from any other online shops, you may be in trouble. Even if you see any other file with Wga word, delete them. If you install updates, there is chance that Microsoft will install WGA update one more time and you will get error message one more time.

If you’re using something like VLC, this might be another reason to ditch WGA.