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In the interview Barry also addresses whether or not he keeps or sells most of the interesting things he finds in the storage lockers and why his approach seems so much more laid back than the others. that’s why I don’t make as much money as the others, because if it’s cool, and I enjoy the item, I’m going to keep it …if it looks as if I don’t take (the business) as seriously as the other guys, it’s probably because I don’t. I really am, and as long as I continue to have fun I’ll continue to do it.” And as long as Barry continues to do it, millions will continue to watch!

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We strive to be the eyes and ears of the chefs we supply.CPTM’s reservations department will shortly be contacting all operators and agents having passengers on these trips.Furthermore, CPTM has decided to reintroduce for 2015, their Senior Special (voyage N°12 – Aug 29th 2015).it doesn’t take long to realize one of these folks bidding on abandoned storage units is not like the others.Dubbed “The Collector” by A&E, Barry Weiss is an eccentric personality with attire and the transportation to match.And basically that’s sort of how things unfolded.” Yuuuuuuuup!

That sounds pretty much exactly how I imagined it went down!

In order to celebrate the release of the film Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti with Vincent Cassel this month in Paris, Aranui Cruises have announced a special offer on board the Aranui. An on board credit of €300 Euros per cabin has been allocated (except dormitories), usable on board (bar, shop, spa, fishing) for all new reservations made on trip N°3 (February 20, 2018). The entered service in December 2015 and makes regular supply voyages from Papeete, Tahiti, to the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands, carrying up to 256 passengers per voyage.

Apart from supplying cargo to the six ports in the Marquesas Islands, Aranui 5 also operates a passenger service and tourist cruise as part of its 14-day itinerary.

I did that for years.” The name of the produce company is Northern Produce (or Northern Produce-Mushroom) and it’s still open and located at 5354 E. Here’s a Google Maps street view photo of Northern Produce – you can see it there in the back and in the inset: According to the company’s website Joey is still the CEO.

He delivers this message on the home page: Welcome to Northern Produce Northern Produce is a wholesale produce distributor serving Southern California since 1938.

(Of course, that’s he sold off all his custom cars, skeleton gloves, and rose-colored chicken glasses.) And how does a retired produce salesman with a penchant for collecting wind up a huge reality star with a perpetual stream of Facebook marriage proposals?