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NHLPA Goals & Dreams ensures the great game of hockey is available to as many children as possible, a priority to the players.

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Because you want to be there again, you want to get another chance to play there, but …In 2011, Lundqvist was rejoined by his wingers and the trio was reunited for parts of two seasons.Q: Would you say winning the Cup is an obsession for you? You have to enjoy the regular season, because that’s the biggest part of the season. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose because it’s been so intense for so long. I feel like we have a lot of different players who can be the difference in important situations.Dating back to its formation in 1999, G&D has donated over $23-million to grassroots hockey programs, and provided hockey equipment to more than 70,000 deserving children spanning 34 countries.“It makes me proud as a former player and NHLPA member just to witness it,” said Adam Graves, New York Rangers special assistant with Prospect Development and Community Relations, and one of the original NHLPA members to found G&D back in 1999.The journey will indeed be different for each child trying to put a puck in the net or stop a puck for the first time, but “King Henrik” also knows the real goal reaches far beyond on-ice accomplishments.

“There’s no better feeling than to be on a team and to be with your best friends and play the sport,” added Lundqvist.

There were stations dedicated to basic skills like skating, starting and stopping, and stickhandling,” said Rick Nadeau, Vice President of Fan Development & Community Relations with the New York Rangers. The club is offering programs for ten-year-olds that cost a maximum 3500 SEK per year (roughly $417 USD).

Efforts like these make a huge difference in the cycle of participation, and are further enhanced when coupled with donations like the one from Lundqvist and the NHLPA.

Learn about the humble beginnings of the program in part one of this three-part series.

Lundqvist plays a terrific defensive game and is great in heavy traffic. The unit stayed together until Tolsa and Lundqvist left Frlunda in 2006.

Q: Is this one of the closest teams — or the closest — you’ve been on? A lot of guys have been here enough for a while, we know each other really well.