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Now they're actually playing in the library; and playing in the Egyptian; and playing in these venues at Sundance that were always held only for narrative films. And Sundance is now touring the films around the country after the festival… On Thursday night at the festival, they played the movies from the festival in different cities around the world. But I do think it's the greatest festival - certainly in America. And how does being a documentary filmmaker affect the way you view other people’s films?

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After achieving prominence amongst the Silicon Valley set, Harris became interested in controversial human experiments which tested the effects of media and technology on the development of personal identity.Ondi Timoner documented the major business-related moments of Harris' life for more than a decade, setting the tone for her documentary of the virtual world and its supposed control of human lives.Among Harris' experiments touched on in the film is the art project "Quiet: We Live in Public," an Orwellian, Big Brother concept developed in the late '90s which placed more than 100 artists in a human terrarium under New York City, with myriad webcams following and capturing every move the artists made.The last few years has been a full-speed ahead, non-stop ride for filmmaker Ondi Timoner.She’s rapidly built one of the most diverse resumes of anyone in modern American cinema.When you get home from Sundance, you get invitations to everywhere. I think any longer than that is not really a good idea.

I was just on the jury; and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s just keep it short.

(All contact info for the event is listed at the end of this interview) This movie, ten years in the making and edited from 5000 hours of footage, is a cautionary tale that examines the effect the web is having on our society, as seen through the eyes of “the greatest internet pioneer you’ve never heard of” - artist, futurist, and visionary Josh Harris.

This movie starkly chronicles the dangers of overexposing yourself online.

Let’s change the world and take care of those less fortunate, etc. Founder Robert Redford has said that in recent years, Sundance has increasingly become just another marketing tool for big budget, Hollywood movies. I mean, it was just really amazing to just see Sundance have such an independent bent. Not to say that (former director) Jeff Gilmore wasn't.

I was thrilled when I realized he was following me on Twitter. This year, Redford named John Cooper as new Artistic Director with the plan that the festival return to it’s original intention: Working outside the mainstream and supporting independent vision. But the cool thing is you can already see differences.

Like opening night, instead of it being one film, it was three or four showing around town. You are so immersed in filming and editing projects; and have taken so little time off over the past 15 years…