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The Shinchonji Church of Jesus was founded in South Korea back in 1984 by a man whose followers call him, "the promised pastor." The group has grown in its home country and expanded into Western nations. The Korean American community is standing by a new statue honoring thousands of "comfort women," or sex slaves, used by Japanese soldiers during World War II. And both sides are taking the issue to the White House.Primetime dramas in South Korea — known as K-Dramas — are filled with implausible story lines, complete with romantic twists and turns.

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After being informed of Cho’s request and overwhelmed, the captain was forced to return the flight to the gate, it said.Burmistrov told Sputnik: “[It could be] the catastrophe of the scale, never before seen in human history.“We are talking not only about a major military conflict but also about a conflict that potentially has a nuclear component.“Now we are in the face of a major military conflict, which can become a reality if the military solution plan is implemented.“And we need to do everything possible to prevent this from happening.” Putin’s top man suggested US war drills in the region may be “testing” North Korea and looking for grounds to impose a total economic blockade on Pyongyang.He described the region as a "powder keg" as military forces continue to march into the Korean Peninsula.Ji Seong-ho, 35, a North Korean defector who appeared at President Trump's State of the Union address this week, is from Hoeryong, near the border with China.He told Reuters last year about the wooden crutches that he left North Korea with in 2006.Court officials said Thursday’s verdict is final and cannot be appealed.

During her trial, Cho admitted using violence against one flight attendant by pushing her shoulder and throwing an object at her.

And even with a new smartphone app to guide them through South Korea's unfamiliar dialect, it's a tough and unnerving challenge.

FILE – In this May 22, 2015, file photo, former Korean Air executive Cho Hyun-ah, center, is surrounded by reporters as she leaves the Seoul High Court in Seoul, South Korea.

Russia’s so-called ambassador-at-large predicted the start a war could be “unprovoked” and said the US it is “playing with fire” in goading North Korea.

Moscow has repeatedly called for calm in the region as Trump and Kim’s fiery war of words stoked the conflict to horrifying new heights in recent months.

A statement from one crew member described Cho as behaving like an “angry tiger.” The incident was a lightning rod for anger in a country whose economy is dominated by family-run conglomerates known as chaebol.