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Dating a rockstar

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The band plays out a lot, so if your birthday falls on a Friday or Saturday you can forget about having him there for the celebration. No one misses a gig for He's too creative for Swiffering, showing up on time, wearing a collared shirt to a court date, talking about anything other than music even though he's alienating 90 percent of the other people in the room, and/or holding a W2 job. A lot of bands will come and watch the opening acts in an attempt to appear grounded and humble. And finally, Erin's favorite "types" from the book: Best band boys: The Boy with the Thorn in His Side ("Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire…for love…") His moods range from dark to forlorn, his playlist from "Tainted Love" to "Boys Don't Cry," and he "gets hives instead of a hard-on at the thought of you having a threesome." Ready for a Belle and Sebastian listening marathon? "He may be a bit much to handle, mood-wise, but he's got empathy and emotional understanding—two things you can't teach someone," Erin says. I love what I do, and I’m lucky enough to be business oriented with the opportunity to live in the moment. Five months ago the keyboard player was going to move in with me and my boyfriend. We still talk for hours every day, have incredible sex, and instead of harming each others careers like we feared, we’re actually making each others lives better. Now we’re both stable again and things are confusingly wonderful. We harshly make fun of one another’s dates and always take each other’s advice when it comes to ditching someone who isn’t good for us. I’m not the kind of person who needs to be affirmed by my relationships, and it seems that the strong boundaries of our “relationship” work so well because they are elusive and undefined, no mess no fuss.Packed to the brim with playlists, pop quizzes, and other fun stuff, it's an anthropological guide to 10 types of musician dudes and what makes them tick. (And trust us, Erin knows: She's dated a number of them.) A book that takes itself less seriously than the typical "will I ever find my soulmate? Then they'll discover that their side-of-the-road-rocked van was broken into, and all their laptops were stolen. So even when they're at a rooftop party in Berlin drinking the best beer money can buy and getting glances from droves of pretty European girls, chances are, they'd still rather be in your arms, in bed, with an order of take-out to their right and unlimited kisses on their left.

And I won't speak for all musicians, but there are (believe it or not) some of them who stay completely committed.

But why can't I find the courage to say something to him?

And I don't think I have a second chance to get him back.

He begs his mom to buy him tickets for one of Shane's concerts. Chapter 7- Attraction Shane's POV I look up and lock eyes with some boy who was waiting in line.

But I can't walk up to some guy and ask him out.

) but you also just really miss your favorite person. They're also always exhausted on tour, so there's not a whole lot of quality conversation happening. Though I admit, a secure place in the VIP section is a nice perk.