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Contact Byron Knight in Masterton, New Zealand e-mail [email protected] Here's one for the collector. Fuels and Lubes Technologies, LLC John Chovanes 152 Mc Lafferty Road Fenelton, Pa 16034 Office: 724-282-8264 Cell: 724-355-3043 = Mark Janson email = SORRY, SOLD comments = I have been authorized by the Dean of Mechanical Engineering to sell our Research Octane Engine from Waukesha Engine. The engine serial # is 149124 and the console serial # is G-18833. The project it self is a Condensate Fractionation Plant EPC Project and located in Bangladesh.

It is equipped with a Waukesha Fuel Research engine, manufactured in April of 1969. So could you please let us know if any one can supply u the new CFR Engines?I did not know how rare that the CFR engine with attached dyno motor was.Mark at MKE engines said that he had only seen one such engine. The gauge that indicates power is missing, but everything else seems to be complete. Visual bore scope of internal cylinder carried out. We drive the dyno motor with a modern motor controller now.Thank you very much for your time and support to us. Also I am available to assist you with engine build ups or repairs.

Best regards, Irvan Riadi Advanced Engineering Services Karawaci Office Park Kompleks Ruko Pinangsia Blok I / 21 Tangerang 15811 Banten, Indonesia Office : 62 21 5527283 Mobile : 77 name = Johan email = [email protected] comments = Hi, I need the following please, Cetane: Meter dual complete assembly,(807-47) Fuel injection assembly (A106941G) Base oil filter (111345) Handwheel assembly, Many thanks Johan Need Misc. I started my own business, but the new prices are killing me. Name:: Yun Li Email:: [email protected] Today's Date:: 12/08/07 Location:: Dumas Texas Comments...: We are looking for a used Waukesha CFR F1/F2 engine. Ph: 774-262-2283 Fax: 419-831-4501 Name:: Antonio Trinidad Email:: [email protected]'s Date:: 08/13/07 Location:: Dumas Texas Comments...: I am looking for a console for a gasoline engine.

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