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Summerlees is a wedding venue steeped in history and full of beautiful country style and open space - just perfect for an elegant country wedding away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

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Instead of joyfully embracing this, and doing little dances of delight, or pluming their feathers in joy, herds of males were clustered, petrified, plastering themselves around the walls and hunched at the bar, darting angry glances and carefully side-stepping any female contact. A lot has happened since my last recap, way back in the beginning of August! We’ve gotten so good at our fights that they don’t last but a few minutes anymore, but they happen just about every day, or so it seems. And if he’s willing to fight for me, isn’t that something?I’d hurt my ankle in the month of July, I was unsure of where I was going to live, I didn’t know where I stood with just about anything. Both pointing fingers, and neither getting the other to truly see. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to hear back from him to see where we stand this time around.It’s left me all kinds of discombobulated today while I try to figure out what’s going on with the two main men in my life.Both of them have left me with the Timebomb feeling, a little.It’s better than being “ball draining fun,” (another description the Boy has used to describe me… I really hope he decides he wants more than just a romp in the hay.

Because if that is the only thing he’s after, I may very well lose all faith in humanity.

One because I don’t know what we’re capable of but I’m terrified it’s going to end badly, and the other because I know all too well what we’re capable of, and we’ve already proven how badly it can go. In other news, since August, I’ve been kind of shuffling around from place to place, but today I just moved into a place that I think will last for a while.

The house is gorgeous, though it’s older than I’d first realized.

It’s just he said, she said to waste the time between conversations with the new guy in my life: Mr. As much as I fear that the Boy will actually disappear, I also fear the I’ll put Mr. Especially not when I have a very gorgeous man (seriously, hip dips…) who tells me I’m stunning and he can’t wait to see me again. But even with the absence, I’ve heard from him almost, if not actually, every day.

Nice Guy on a pedestal just because he’s nicer to me than the Boy. Sometimes, it’s a short discussion where we get to know a little bit about each other.

It didn’t help that the organisers had decided to organise table tennis tournaments which did not involve couples competing, or even matching people together, but instead were highly individualistic competitions to knock each other out.