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Is selena and nick dating

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It's a good album: confessional, catchy, provocative.And, it's poised to transform Gomez from that girl who's a former child star and has dated a couple of famous guys into a grown-up pop star who dares you not to take her seriously.

It’s encased in a basic black cover, incognito in a way that she can’t be anymore (even here, at a quiet rooftop restaurant in Beverly Hills)."And she was unhappy that her Central Park experience was ruined by the fact that I walked about 20 feet away from her.Even though they were taking pictures of us and obviously we were there together, I was like, 'It would be better if we stand about 25 feet apart.'" "It ruined her Central Park experience, so her and Taylor Swift, who was dating my brother Joe -- but we never confirmed it -- walked 25 feet behind us as we walked through the park by ourselves," he recounted.ago, that's probably because it was, but neither party has forgotten their short-lived relationship.In fact, a full 10 years later, they're even digging up some old dirt on each other.During an appearance on BBC Radio 1's , Jonas played a cruel but hilarious game that found him hooked up to a heart rate monitor to see how hot and bothered he'd get when asked questions about his personal life.

Host Nick Grimshaw led most of the interrogation, but, much to Jonas's surprise, Gomez also chimed in via a video message.

We’re talking about her new single, “Same Old Love,” which is already stirring speculation about Justin Bieber references (more on him in a moment).

“I can’t wait for you to see the video,” she says, her deep-set eyes widening to take up even more real estate on her heart-shaped face.

The pair were on and off between 20 but despite their rocky relationship the source reckons Selena "always saw the best in him." “There have been times in the past where Selena was excited and thought things would work out again, but then was disappointed [by how things turned out],” added the insider.

It's no secret that your first love is always a difficult one to shake, but is going back ever really a good idea? A Justin source told People: “They’re having a great time together.

A source told People Magazine: "Justin was Selena’s first love.