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Gossow dating

Being anorexic and bulimic further added to her woes.

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If she wants fans to know, I'm sure she'll say something, or you'll notice a ring!Although primarily associated with melodic death metal, she has appeared as a guest vocalist for power metal and symphonic metal bands, notably Kamelot and Delain, and has performed live with Nightwish.White-Gluz released a statement on her Facebook page saying that she had left The Agonist, and that Vicky Psarakis had taken over as vocalist.Angela Nathalie Gossow (born 5 November 1974) is a German vocalist, best known as the former lead vocalist for the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy.Her other previous bands include Asmodina and Mistress.We know that Alissa's successful clean vocal for THE AGONIST and in the future, can we see the same things for ARCH ENEMY?

Amott: Yes, that is right, Alissa has many different vocal styles that she can do very well…

"[I]t is with great sadness that I must also announce that The Agonist as you have come to know it is now a thing of the past.

I had every intention of (and had even started) writing and recording yet another killer album this year, but my former band-mates decided to choose a different path.

I wish I could change the situation but the unfortunate decision was made beyond my control so I can only wish them the very best of luck now that our time working together has concluded." In August 2015, White-Gluz revealed in an interview that the other members of the Agonist had in fact kicked her out of the band, and forcibly cut her off from anything to do with the group.

She said, "Little did I know that during that [during White-Gluz' European tour with The Agonist], The Agonist were lying to my face and they were actually going behind my back trying to find someone to replace me.

But, of course, these kind of big steps in life don't come easily, and I believe this was a gradual thing that kept growing in Angela's mind for some time.