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Problems to dating a co worker

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Take a moment to edit the Autocorrect feature in your colleague’s Word or Outlook (it’s in the Tools menu in both programs).Add a new entry to replace their name with “douche,” and watch how much more interesting all their emails and documents will suddenly become.

A simple but quick and always amusing prank is putting the screen rotation hotkeys to uses Microsoft never intended.They’ll spend 10 minutes with their head tilted sideways trying to figure out what the hell is going on.The laser mouse may have ended the era of mouse-ball stealing, but it opened up another option.If your budget doesn’t have a tab for “pranking gadgets,” you can always go the manual route and utilize the USB port to attach a second mouse to a neighboring tower. Since you’re already under the desk, try out another switcheroo: the speaker swap. Now start playing something like a low-frequency heartbeat sound on loop and see how long they try to stop the nuisance on their computer.This works especially well with a person across from you, if you can get under your desk and access the back of their computer. For a more powerful variation, don’t switch the actual wires, but instead just swap out one of your speakers — preferably the one without the volume control — with theirs.For another variation, leave one program open when you capture the screen and watch as the person tries to click on it, type in it, and close it to no avail.

There are few things funnier than forcing a friend to insult himself — and Microsoft has made it easy to do just that.

You can control the frequency and the kind of emissions.

For $25, this may be worth every penny — especially if you can write it off as a business expense.

Setup is simple and you need only a few seconds alone on someone’s computer.

When you get a chance, sneak over and right-click your pal’s icon to Internet Explorer or some other commonly used program.

A small investment will have a big payoff with the Think Geek Annoy-a-Tron.