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Validating copyrighted instruments

This course presents critical concepts and practical methods to support planning, collection, storage, and dissemination of data in clinical research.

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If you put through a request for this sort of program but input a longer term than one year, we will simply change that and email you why.If you have a compelling reason to want to proceed, then you should email us with specifics about what you’re trying to accomplish, and we will email you Word versions that you can open and edit.If you find a pre-existing instrument that will be useful to measure a key variable in your study, there are two ways that the instrument can be used in your study.In any case, this compatibility problem derives simply and directly from Microsoft’s labored attempts to maintain its oppressive monopolist status. The best approach you should take is do not “upgrade” your Microsoft operating system or applications!While the former type of project has constrained parameters that can be specified at the beginning of the project, the latter does not.Finally, adopting the instrument saves you time and energy in making significant changes.

However, sometimes an instrument is not appropriate for the unique participants in your study and therefore should not be adopted.

(Their email address can typically be found on either the first page of the research study in a footnote, or at the end of the body of the paper, just before the References.) Simply state your institutional affiliation, the purpose of your study, and ask if it would be acceptable for you to use their instrument in your study.

The authors will rarely deny your request, but it is a polite academic courtesy to let another researcher be aware of how their instrument is being used around the world.

Some examples of when an instrument must be adapted may include: Whenever possible, it is best for an instrument to be adopted.

When this is not possible, the next best option is to adapt an instrument.

For example, the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory that measures intrinsic motivation, which can be found here, needs to be slightly modified to reflect the specific situation that the researcher is interested in.