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it has this thing called the DNI (direct neural interface) which allows you to hack enemy turrets drones etc.If you like weapons, blood, and bratty kids then this game is a dream come true. No physics whatsoever and the blood is just ridiculous.Oh and did I mention little 6 year olds that think they own the game and everyone playing it.Even with that on the game is still not appropriate for younger kids.Its constantly kill, kill, kill and even if your not killing your assaulting someone in a violent way.The violence really consists more of the gunplay than it does with the blood.

The main reason I say that, is because blood is what you see when the ai or player takes a lot of damage.

(Option is called Graphic content- turn it off if you don't want blood) So it basically turns it into a 12s game.

I've seen more 12s games more violent than the blood turned off in BO3. Oh, I almost forgot that it turns swearing off aswell.

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overall its a great gamethis is a great game if your an adult and your worried about the blood and the language go to the setting and u can turn off graphics so they dont cuss there is no blood and thats what makes the game better for kids and i recommend not playing campaign there is less cursing with the setting on.