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He was once critical of the science of climate change 2.He believes drug users deserve to die from their addictions 3.

His climate change screw-up was immediately called out by many, many other skeptics, and he soon apologized and retracted his statement.So all of that leads to Storr’s two actual points in support of his premise that Randi is a liar.There are a lot of confusing and contradictory details in the story of Randi’s alleged testing of the psychic dog, not the least of which is the idea that a dog can be psychic and that anyone would possibly care outside of a very small subculture of Skeptics and Believers.(EDIT: For the record, here is the longer explanation Randi posted in 1999 to explain this tape.Thanks again to @orlikeawhale for sending it to me.) The tape cassette which formed part of the blackmail package, rather than being the product of a “tap” on my phone, as the blackmail package claimed, was a copy of a tape that I was specifically asked to make back in 1968, by the police chief — Zerr — of Rumson, New Jersey, where I lived at that time.Still, I don’t come away from this tale thinking of Randi as a horrible liar.

He points out that the entire Carlos hoax was inspired by Channel 9 specifically asking for his help in showing channelers to be fakers, so it’s obvious he has never seen all of Australian media as hopelessly inept.

Randi’s response has been to say that he made the recording himself on instructions from the police, who enlisted his help in catching “bad guys.” Does this explanation hold water?

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which the police would approach a random magician and ask him to pretend to solicit sex from a teenager in the hopes of catching someone, particularly going so far as having him ask for the young man’s penis size.

His views on social Darwinism are archaic at best and absolutely disgusting at worst, but he owns up to them.

The third accusation isn’t supported in the least (besides the one example of Sheldrake, to follow) – presumably, we’re meant to be alarmed at the accusations themselves, some of which come from (gasp) university professors.

Instead, I come away from this story thinking of Randi as a human, making human mistakes, and also as an entertainer, making entertainer proclamations.