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Dating anniversary cards

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Apparently, it's written all over your partner's face: Men with short, wide faces have higher sex drives and may be more likely to cheat.So ladies, stay away from Stewie Griffin when he gets older -- that's according to research from Nipissing University in Canada and published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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This year being our 10th anniversary, I had grandiose visions of tropical vacations, diamond anniversary bands, and all sorts of wonderful surprises.I made an easy and inexpensive, but sentimental dinner (Chicken Salad with grapes on pita bread), and it worked because that’s was what was served at the wedding dinner.Earlier in the day, I had taken the salad, sparkling cider, Izzes, a cheese platter from Fresh & Easy, and their Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato (We had had a Chocolate Hazelnut cake at the original dinner), and put them in the small hotel fridge.Initially, I thought I would set up a gorgeous picnic here (like something Jordan @ O Happy Day would do), but it’s just too ridiculously hot here, there wasn’t anywhere inconspicuous to set up, and I didn’t have access to go inside the building.So I just hid the envelope by a door, and used this as the stall tactic I needed to get back to the hotel and set things up there.Last shot of our mini-photo session before the adventure continued.

After our pictures, I dropped BSB off at his car and gave him the envelope with the next clue and coordinates.

) I love how far away and tiny she looks in the mirror even though she was basically standing right next to me. #nationaldogday #love Happy 2 year wedding anniversary to the love of my life @michaelturchinart!! I love you more than 3 rescue puppies playing with a baby hamster! Today is our Civil Partnership and Wedding Anniversary. Researchers think these behaviors may be linked to sex hormones such as testosterone.

Thanks to @amyandstuart who are the actual greatest wedding photographers around. I was lucky to meet someone who has the same drive and wanted the same things in life... I am so grateful to live in a country that acknowledges and supports same sex relationships. A wide face may mean more testosterone exposure, which may mean a higher sex drive, which may make the person want to cheat.

Here’s what I did: My husband got a basic GPS system on clearance a Target a few years back.

It isn’t very fancy, but you can input coordinates and it will lead you to your destination. So our first stop was the Mesa Arizona Temple where we were married 10 years before.

” He was pretty impressed with the whole thing, and pulled out a beautiful bracelet he is working on making for me, using stones left from other projects.