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Jayne mansfield dating

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"I re-echo for you the teaching of the Vatican Council," the Dean continued.

Miss Mansfield said she and Mickey, her husband, of five years, could not live harmoniously together.“Last May I filed suit for the first time in California,” she said. So I did.” She explained she went to Rome to make a movie, called “Panic Button.”While she was in Rome, she filed for a separation suit, but later returned to Mickey.“Our paths in life might be smoother separately,” she said.She will go to Germany May 20 to start work on the film, which will be a musical.She said three of her pictures are to be released soon.“It is better for our children than for us to stay together not in harmony.”She explained her first suit charged “cruelty,” she said. The children are with Miss Mansfield’s mother, Mrs. Her daughter Jayne Marie, 12, is in Los Angeles with her first husband, Paul Mansfield.“I have nothing but respect and admiration for Mickey and I wish him all the success in the world.“But if you can’t get along together, there is no reason for continuing the marriage.”She said she does not blame the movies or our careers in the movies for the break in the marriage.“It’s as easy to be happy in Hollywood following a career there as it is for a bus driver and his wife to be happy anywhere,” she said. Miss Mansfield said she is leaving this afternoon for Los Angeles to do a Jack Benny show and meet the co-star of her next picture, Freddie Quinn.“He is supposed to be the Elvis Presley of Germany,” she explained.April 30, 1963, El Paso Times Jayne Mansfield arrived In El Paso today accompanied by a handsome, dark companion, Nelson Sardelli, and declined to comment on a new romantic interest.

She arrived for a quickie Juarez divorce from muscleman husband Mickey Hargitay.

They are “Panic Button,” “Las Vegas by Night,” and “Promises, Promises.”The suit filed today will charge incompatibility. The out of court settlement regarding children and property has already been made.

Miss Mansfield and Sardelli spent last night in Dallas with Mrs.

Blonde actress Jayne Mansfield is shown signing her divorce petition in 1963 against her husband, Mickey (Miklos) Hargitay in the office of the Juárez city attorney.

Several minutes later, the actress walked out of the First Civil Court with a divorce on grounds of incompatibility.

On a Sunday morning, April 23, 1967, a statement was read at all masses in Killarney: "Our attention has been drawn to an entertainment in Tralee tonight.