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Hayden panettiere and steve jones dating

The toymaker Winslow Schott (Sherman Hemsley) gets fired from his job along with his secretary Margaret Duffy (Isabel Sanford).Deciding to take revenge, he invents a new toy named “Space Rats” that includes a substance which when someone is sprayed with, it makes adults act like children and children be greedy.

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In the meantime, Mindy Church (Jessica Collins), who is now the head of Intergang even though Intergang is shut down and keeps a low profile, plans to kill Superman using a virus from Krypton.They give everyone their hope back and trick Mxyzptlk into going back to his own dimension.With the imp gone, the loop is finally broken and everyone celebrates Christmas.This episodes sees the return of Jessica Collins as Mindy, we see her trying to take over the criminal underworld.We also see Superman get infected and weakened with Lois having to turn to her father.Superman gets sick and Lois asks her father’s help.

Sam explains that the only cure will be if Superman gets very close to death since that way the virus will die too.

The treatment is successful and Superman gets well, just in time to save Lois and his parents’ life.

They suspect Mindy is behind everything but Mindy manages to frame her partner Joey (Robert Carradine) for turning his back on her and she gets away.

All of them though end up having other plans and Lois is alone at her apartment until Clark appears on her door, who canceled his Christmas with his family to be with her.

Lois tries to avoid spend Christmas with her parents because they always fight but they surprise her by showing up at her apartment uninvited causing chaos.

It’s another great Christmas episode from a beloved show.