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Where they exist, such individual councils are usually part of a larger organization called, variously, Residence Hall Association, Resident Students Association, or Junior Common Room Committee which typically provides funds and oversees the individual building council.These student-led organizations are often connected at a national level by the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH).

The majority of bedrooms in UK halls are now single occupancy - offering the first chance at privacy for some young people who shared bedrooms with siblings at home.In the US these buildings are often single sex, or sexes are accommodated on separate floors.In United Kingdom usage, the word dormitory means a room containing several beds accommodating unrelated people.Outside academia however, the word "dorm" or "dormitory" is commonly used without negative connotations.Indeed, the words are used regularly in the marketplace as well as routinely in advertising.In the early 2000s, dorms that allowed people of opposite sexes to share a room became available in some public universities.

Most residence halls are much closer to campus than comparable private housing such as apartment buildings.

The largest dormitory building is Bancroft Hall at the United States Naval Academy.

Many colleges and universities no longer use the word "dormitory" and staff are now using the term residence hall (analogous to the United Kingdom "hall of residence") or simply "hall" instead.

As a result, several student-focussed personal storage and shipping companies have come into existence that cater to this need.

At some institutes in the UK, each residence hall has its own hall council.

The word dormitory (often abbreviated to dorm) comes originally from the Latin word dormitorium.