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Xbox live dating app

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Been playing on PC and 1 thing great about the console is that you can choose any character as your starter while on PC not all characters can be played as a starter, you will have to pay money.Downside on console you get crashes and lag sometimes. The game is fairly new so I am sure they will work out the bugs.

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My wife left me yesterday, my dog died, my daughter married a leprechaun. When i got home i was playing COD and then i turned into a square man and started shouting "OOF" followed by an autistic screech DIS GAME 🔥 LIT🔥 AF FAM GRAPHICS 10/10 THE OFFF SOUND U MAKE U DIE IS LIKE A 9 YEAR OLD AUTISTIC KID WHO GOT MOL3ST3D BY HIS UNCLE RANDY SCREACHING SAYIN "HEY BROTHER" WHICH GETS A 10/10 OVERALL THIS MASTERPIECE OF DESIGN IS GUCCI!!!!!!!!!!I would definately recommend this game for everyone, especially for the people who like Minecraft.The game reminds me of Minecraft in a way because your able to fight off monsters and bulid to your hearts content.In this safe and moderated environment, imagination rules supreme.MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER GAMING Customize your avatar with a set of exclusive costumes only available on Xbox One, then hang out with your friends and millions of other virtual explorers in an infinite variety of games and experiences!very good overall The game is fun and addicting but here are some things you should fix.

The audio sometimes glitches out and then goes fully mute.

The game balances between dungeon crawling and lots of mining which will end in loot and possibly building a sick cornerstone (your home).

There are tons of options in the game and a great community as well.

Make an easier way to seperate items (I had to seperate 300 flux one by one).

Fix the rubberbanding issue because it flings me back into groups of enemies, getting me killed.

I also love how you can interact with other people and make new friends.